Welcome! It is my hope that you will come along this life journey with me as I explore this world From the Ash Heap-Life After the Flames.

I look forward to sharing inspiration and life lessons as I explore a whole new world to me, a world in which I am free from the pain and shame of my past. With my experiences of living through the hottest of flames, I will share my story and lessons learned from living through the fiery trial. No doubt, my faith has played a tremendous part in not only my survival but also in my ultimate victory. However, I believe the lessons I have learned and the wisdom I found along the way could be beneficial to anyone living a life of pain, shame and utter defeat, no matter your beliefs.

Who is Amanda Bordner? I am a Christ-follower, wife, mom and professional. I enjoy time with family and sharing encouragement and inspiration. I am from a rural NC town, but now live the “city life” in Charlotte. I am a shy, timid, Southern country girl turned city girl living OUT LOUD! I have led women’s ministry and coached ladies through some intense, refining fires. I continue to grow in relationship with the ladies I encounter throughout my community. I hope and desire to be able to connect with my fellow humans in a real way without judgment, but with genuine love and kindness. I have found my calling in encouraging hope in the darkest of circumstances. I choose not to be called a Christian due to the negative association which is caused by what many Christians project in our world today. I choose not to be called religious, but prefer spiritual as I have a relationship with my Savior as a daughter not just some set of rules to follow. My beliefs center around love, hope and relationship. I love the Lord and I love people! My desire is to create a community of supportive and encouraging women by sharing both moments of victory and defeat on this journey. I also hope that I may connect with you. Don’t only follow the community on this journey, but become a part of it. Feel comfortable and free to share your insights and comments. This is a safe place to embrace differences and accept our individuality and uniqueness. We’re unique for a reason! We do not have to do this life alone nor were we created to do it alone. Will you join me?

What is this Ash Heap and Life After the Flames I speak of? Well, just over a decade ago, I found myself at a crossroads. I was living in a place of consuming flames. I was being destroyed by my own life choices as well as some choices of others. At this crossroads, I began to question everything I had ever known and believed. The truth seemed like some sort of illusion. I suddenly didn’t know who I was, what I believed, how I got here or where I was going. I had lived on two sides of the tracks, so to speak. I had lived with addiction and celebrated life as one big party. I had also lived a committed religious life as a Christian which brought me a level of security. I had swung like a pendulum from one extreme to the other. At this crossroads, I discovered something new. It wasn’t a party and it wasn’t religion. It was a relationship! A relationship where I could be who I was created to be. That relationship with Jesus proved to be the very thing that pulled me out of the flames. I found myself with a new identity. No longer an identity of an unlovely, unacceptable human filled with shame, guilt and pain. I now had the identity of a freed, rescued and delivered child of God. No, not a survivor for a survivor only makes it out of the flames alive. I am a victor…winner, winner!  I not only won the battle, I continue to slay giants! As I emerged from the flames, I have found the beauty that comes from the ashes. From the Ash Heap where each burnt timber has meaning I celebrate freedom and I want to share it with you to encourage you to overcome the flames against all odds.

Please accept my invitation to join me on the journey as we see just what comes from the Ash Heap. As a community of overcomers, I believe we can bring light to the sad, dark places. Connect with me through the blog, Facebook (@ajbordner), Instagram (@ajbordner) or Twitter (@amanda_bordner). Drop me a note or comment. I look forward to connecting with you!

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