Welcome to my blog site, where I will share insights and lessons learned From the Ash Heap-Life After the Flames.

I’m excited to share with you my love for the Lord and my love for you as Daughters of the King. I pray that you will feel at home here to share your own comments and insights. It is my hope that I can create a community of supportive and encouraging women by sharing relatable moments with God. Religion? No. I don’t do religion. What I do is relationship & that’s what I want with you-a relationship! Life is hard, but it’s virtually impossible when we feel alone. Take heart! Don’t feel alone because you’re not alone. As sisters & fellow royalty, we should share this journey through the wilderness. If you love growing, learning, and exploring new insights, you will enjoy the time you spend here. Will you join me? Will you subscribe & follow me? I mean…commitment is tough & I understand if you just can’t, but know I’ll still be praying and hoping you will join me on the journey.

So who is this lady coming From the Ash Heap? What is Life After the Flames? I am young…relatively speaking. I guess I’m young enough to understand the battles of today’s generation, but old enough to have learned some life lessons. Although, my teenage daughter may argue about the “I am young” statement. I’m from a rural community in Rowan County, NC, but currently live in Charlotte also known as “the big city” among my friends and family back home. Yes, a Southern country girl with shyness and timidity turned city girl living out loud. Years ago, I found myself at a crossroads. In the middle of the crossroads was my life…in flames. Everything I had ever known and accepted as truth seemed to somehow be in question. I suddenly didn’t know who I was or what I believed. I had experienced the party life and I had experienced the life of living for the Lord. I had swung like a pendulum from one end of the spectrum to the other, and back again. And now? Now where am I? I am here; right in the middle of God’s will, rescued and delivered. The road I chose a decade ago led me here. After walking through the flames, of course. I didn’t find religion. I found relationship with Jesus. When I look back, I see the ash heap of the life that was. And this is from where I am writing. From the Ash Heap – Life After the Flames…where each burnt timber can have meaning if I celebrate the freedom received and share it with others.

Several years ago, I wondered where God was calling me. I knew I had a purpose, as we all do, but I was completely clueless about what was mine. I prayed. And then I prayed some more. After that, I prayed quite a few more years. The whole while I was serving and trying to contribute to His kingdom as opportunities arose. Nothing was a fit. Three or four years ago, I was inspired to start a life group for women. I began contemplating a blog at that time, but the timing felt wrong. Besides, I wasn’t sure I had anything worth saying. I was presented with an opportunity to get involved with a new women’s ministry at my church, and with that came great inspiration. FINALLY! I found my place in my Father’s kingdom. I was called to build relationships & love my sisters. I was called to encourage my sisters in Christ. I was called to walk with them through whatever their season or trial. With this inspiration & clarity came one of the greatest joys of my life! I am a wife and I am a mother, but first & foremost I am a Daughter of the King. I find great joy in all my roles in life, but my identity has been found in Christ. With this identity, I have been blessed with many sisters!

Please accept this invitation to join me on this wilderness journey through this life. Let’s explore insights and wisdom From the Ash Heap experiencing with me Life After the Flames! Subscribe to this blog, say hello to me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I look forward to sharing with you!