I do not observe Mother’s Day in a traditional sense as I feel it’s a “Hallmark” holiday that leaves many feeling sad and sometimes left out for various reasons. However, I will take a moment to honor the women in my life. Those women that have zero obligation to be there for me, but do it because of an incredible love and respect we share for one another.

As I read this blog post this morning (Why I’m Asking Are You Okay This Mother’s Day), I thought of my Evolve Circle. Allison, Leigh, Paula and Teresa, thanks for always asking, “Are you okay?” and then listening without judgment. Thank you for calling me out when I need it and asking the hard questions even if it’s uncomfortable to ‘go there’. Thank you for showing up! And thank you for not only letting me be me (real and raw at times), but also embracing me for me. Y’all make me a better me! Y’all are my “Carrie & Kellie” friends (see blog post link)! Love you bunches!

I’m blessed with a few long-distance/long-time “Carrie & Kellie” friends too that will show up when I cry out and my heart is full as I think of you, Amy & Charity. Y’all have seen it all and still love me. That level of love and devotion is rare. Love you bunches!

And then there are some friends that just know what to say and when to say it. Anita, Luanne, Ruth and Stacey, you’re always standing just “backstage” to jump in when I need someone to ask, “Are you okay?” You listen and always have words of wisdom and guidance that are given with a crazy amount of love! Love you bunches!

For the incredible women that I am blessed to call family, y’all are inspirations in my life.  You keep it real which seems to be the way of the strong women in this family. Wendy, Tommie, Debbie, Stephanie, and Sarah, thank you for being who you are as well as loving and accepting me for who I am! Love you bunches!

For the rest of you out there…Are you okay? Stay connected with the ones that love you without judgment, the ones that will give it to you straight even if it’s not what you want to hear. The ones that will reach into the deepest, darkest pit and offer you the light you need to get out. Don’t be afraid to say I’m not okay. I pray you all surround yourself with your people. And if you haven’t found your people, I pray you find them and in that moment you find love, peace, joy, and compassion beyond your imagination.

These words from the blog post spoke my heart in more ways than I can express. “I don’t want to ever stop listening, learning, healing, and speaking out about what it means to be human.” ~Rachel Stafford, The Hands Free Revolution

I’m human. I fail. I find myself in some dark places at times. I need love, connection, and compassion. I’m human and I love my fellow humans. I want to reach out and say you are loved. I want to reach out and say you’re not alone. Then show you that you’re not alone. I want to share words of empathy and compassion with you. As my friends have shown me how to be that friend, I want to be that friend.

Enjoy your weekend and honor your sister-friends!

Peace & Love,

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