“I don’t follow dreams. I follow Jesus and when I follow Jesus, dreams follow me.” ~Steven Furtick, Trading Truth (Elevation Church)

Trading Truth was such a great sermon! I found it interesting that Pastor Steven talked about vision boards especially after I just created one yesterday. He had some great points, but the above quote really stood out to me.

He also said, “What if your dream was just a first draft? Are you open to revisions?”

This made me think about the vision board I created. Yes, I created the board to make the vision for my life over the next year more tangible, something I can see and touch. However, I recognize that this is just a vision I feel in my spirit and what it actually looks like in reality may be different. I am always open to revisions by God. At the same time, I am not open to nay-sayers and haters that wish to destroy my dreams and visions. I serve a God that makes all things possible according to His will and glory and for my good. Sometimes what I envision for my life is not what is best for me. God sees the whole picture and has an insight I do not.

After the sermon this morning, my daughter and I looked at the two vision boards side-by-side, 2018 & 2019. She pointed out some differences I had not noticed. The first thing she noticed was the 2018 vision board seemed to be self-focused. Much of it was about improving myself. However, she noted, the 2019 vision board was more outwardly focused including improvements in myself that would also benefit or serve others. We also discussed the 2018 visions that came to pass. And, just as Pastor Steven talked about in the sermon, the things that came to pass did not necessarily look like what I included in my vision. One example, was the house I had included on the 2018 vision board. On that board, I pasted a picture of my dream house. We did, in fact, get a house at the end of 2018. However, the house on my board does not look anything like the house with which God blessed us. With further discussion, we could clearly see God’s hand in it. God was totally involved in us acquiring the house as finding a house in Charlotte was very difficult and the area our house is located had not only limited inventory, but virtually no inventory within our budget. God had placed the house in our path. The house we purchased would not have been the house I would have chosen for my family. In contrast, the minute I walked in the house, I knew it was our house. Taking a step back from my own vision and expectations, I could see that this house was exactly what my family needed for this season of our lives. The house on my vision board would have been more than I would have wanted to furnish and more than we could have possibly taken care of. I am grateful for the house God blessed us with and quite honestly love it more than I could ever express regardless of how different it looks from my vision.

It seems to me that the season leading up to acquiring the house prepared me to accept God’s revisions of my vision with what He knew was better for my family. The months leading up to acquiring the house included a period of being quiet and still before the Lord. In that time, I learned to trust Him more than trusting my own ideas, visions or dreams.

Yes, we should dream and dare to dream big. Yes, we should nurture visions that encourage us to be our best and to offer all we can to this world. Vision boards are a great way to make our visions tangible, something we can see and touch. I look at my vision board every day and it reminds me that I have a purpose that I am evolving toward every day. God can take that vision or dream and make it more than we could ever imagine according to His will and for our good. Embracing that is so important.

“And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.” Romans 8:28 AMP

I encourage you to get together with a group of your people (your tribe) and have a vision night. There is an intimate connection that happens when you come together to see each other’s visions and encourage one another in those visions.

Create your vision board, but remain open to God revisions!

His plan/purpose > My vision/dreams

In His Grip,

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8 thoughts on “Visions & Dreams

  1. Your journey sounds very similar to mine…I recognize the territory. I am probably not as deep into being a spiritual person as you. I have however been to the “River of Love and Knowledge”. You might call it other things but its where I float in the spirit of God and receive poems and stories that flow into my. Life. I am writing a book now entitled ” whisper to me Sweet breath of life…and yes it is copyrighted and so are my catch phrases. But our lives sound experientially connected. Good luck. And thanks for finding my blog.


    1. It’s always a pleasure to connect with someone that “gets it”. We’re all unique and our journeys are as well. However, it helps knowing we don’t have to go the journey alone. I look forward to hearing more about your journey and the amazing things I’m certain God will do for your good & his glory. Blessings & peace!

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      1. thanks…and I truly…”get it”…I have live it…much like you. opiate addictions because of illness. eleven surgeries in ten years and many nursing home stays that included being delusional for a spell. Born and raised catholic…been thru the seeking mill and came out on the other side after years of new age and occult studies. Now…I just trust in God…call it what you will…to me it’s the ever present force that I found in the darkness of my addictions to oxycodone, oxycontin and muscle relaxers…and when I went under and almost died twice…an angel appeared to me and pulled me out of the grip of the grim reaper…who I have actually wrestled twice and tore up the book he had on me…yes I know..sounds crazy…maybe I was I one time…but ..”The One”…sent me an angel named Azrael…who pulled me out. and now at 70 yrs old..I write my stories and hopefully people will find them inspirational and worth reading. I return the “Blessing” to you and yours…Randy


      2. Not crazy at all. The word tells us that we wrestle with spiritual forces (Ephesians 6:12). I am blessed by your victory. To God be the glory!

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