This morning my husband and I noticed something strange crawling across the front yard. As I went in closer to look, I noticed it was a hornet carrying a cicada. I have never seen anything like it before. We were completely mesmerized as we watched the hornet struggle to crawl across the yard toward a tree. We continued to watch the hornet struggle and we wondered aloud, “Where is it going?”  The hornet reached the base of the maple tree in the front yard and it began to climb up the tree. Again, we wondered aloud, “Why is it climbing the tree? Does it have a nest up there?” We continued to watch the hornet struggle in utter curiosity. The hornet would climb a little and then stop as if taking a break. It was clear that the climb was difficult, but it persisted. It climbed a little more, took a break. It climbed a little more, took a break. At one point, it took a break and appeared to be barely hanging onto the tree with only one leg.  We thought for sure it would fall or just give up. This break was a little longer, but after a bit the hornet climbed just a little more. Then we see it just let go again, but it didn’t fall. Instead, the hornet flew away still carrying the cicada. We watched in amazement. The longer the hornet flew the higher it flew until it was in the tree tops and out of sight. We just stood there in silent awe. We just witnessed something truly amazing.

This completely instinctive act of nature really provoked thought. This hornet was carrying a heavy load, yet it continued to climb upward. Why? Why not just let go of the cicada? It did not let go because the cicada was a provision the hornet needed. That cicada represented nourishment, strength and life for the hornet. So, why not just stay where you are and take in the nourishment needed? It climbed because it needed to reach a higher plane. It climbed because it needed to catch some air. To get where it needed to go, it had to make a very difficult climb.  Possibly the hornet had others depending on it to make it to where it was supposed to go.

Much like the hornet, we often have to carry a heavy load through life. We often want to drop the heaviness, but sometimes that heaviness is what we need for life. There may even be others depending on us to carry upward and onward to meet their needs for life and light. It is imperative that we continue to climb. Climbing upward is what we do to rise above the circumstances of our lives. Some of those circumstances weigh us down. Sometimes just like the hornet, we will feel as if we are barely hanging on. However, God’s word tells us how important it is to persevere. In Hebrews 6:11 (ABV), the word says, “Be persistent to the very end, so that what you really hope for will be realized.” We all have hopes and dreams, and I believe most of us want to make a difference to those in our sphere of influence and we want the most we can get out of life. The “most” may be a closer walk with God, touching the lives of others in a positive way, advancing in a career, or enjoying a healthy family life. Whatever that “most” is, perseverance is key. One question many of us ask, is why carry a heavy load if it is not required. I have shared a lot about dropping the baggage of our past. The hornet was not carrying baggage from the past. It was carrying the provision for the present. Sometimes we have to carry a heavy load because God knows that it will produce what we need including a need for Him and His strength, and strength of person and character. For example, Romans 5:3-4 (ABV) says, “We triumph in our sufferings, because we know that suffering develops perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” If we take the weight on us with the victory in mind, we will hurt, but we can do it with peace and joy knowing that as we persevere it will build us into the person we are meant to be allowing us to be all we are capable of being. The building of the person yields hope. And hope ultimately leads us to the “most” out of life that we seek. It seems to me that the answer to how to fly high starts with this basic biblical principle of choosing to carry the load we are allotted with joy and perseverance because in that needs are met, both our own and others’.

As we watched that hornet fly, he gained altitude. I believe this is true for us too. We carry the weight, and we climb. After doing the hard work, we let go of false security, and spread our wings while still carrying the provision. We can fly and carry what is necessary to reach our final destination, and we can do it all with hope, peace and joy.  Fly high, my friends! No matter the weight of the circumstances, keep climbing. Reach that point where you know God wants you to spread your wings, and fly.  Yes! Fly High! Soar above mediocrity!

May God fill you with the awareness of His will through all the wisdom and perception that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a respectable life of a Christ-follower, which will keep you acclimated with His will. Bear fruit in every favorable work, growing in the awareness of God, being strengthened with God’s great power and authority so that you may have immense capacity, fortitude, endurance and perseverance with joy. Give thanks to the Father as He has certified you to share in all He has for you on earth and in heaven.  Colossians 1:9-12 (ABV)

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©2018 Amanda Bordner

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