Recently, my life has been a whirlwind.  Between huge professional projects, business travel, family vacation, a pesky cold, and ministry, I have been spinning, spinning, spinning.  In the midst of it all, I had this amazing family vacation.  While preparing for it was part of the whirlwind and stress, when we arrived at the beach, we had a lot of down time.  We enjoyed quite a bit time on the beach under the umbrella.  We chatted and reminisced.  We snacked.  We napped.  We read.  And sometimes we just quietly watched the waves roll in and the families around us interact.  Spending nearly seven days on the beach leaves a lot of room for thinking and general contemplation.  One thing I have learned is that when you’re sitting in front of an immense part of creation, you suddenly feel the smallness and the vastness of life all at once.  It’s totally contradictory.  You see the vastness of God’s creation and just know how small you really are.  In contrast, you begin to think about the small world that is your life with all its aspects, and suddenly your small world seems so big.  Maybe big isn’t the right word.  I believe multifaceted would be a better word.  Perhaps you can’t relate at all, but I feel like my life has so many facets.  I am living a multifaceted life.  How about you?

Having a life with so many facets isn’t a bad thing, but it seems it can get pretty complicated.  Priorities get confused.  From the time I became a Christian I have always heard that your priorities should follow a certain order; God first, family second, and work third.  Simple enough, right?  Sure it is…except that if your life takes on so many facets, you have a hard time breaking it down into three aspects.  Maybe I just over-complicate things.  So in an attempt to simplify, I took some time on the beach to think about the many facets of my life and my priorities.

Sitting on the beach, I thought about how I had been spending my time lately.  I thought about the many parts of my life.  While it seems overwhelming to think about, the blessing of it all is not lost on me.  I love that I have the opportunity to have such varied life experiences.  I also recognize the importance of balancing all of these.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I just do not always get it right.  To be honest, recently, I have had some priorities disordered.  So, watching the waves roll in, I took the precious gem that is my life and I cut all the roles I fill into facets, like a diamond.

As I thought about my life being multifaceted, I thought about a diamond.  Diamonds are rare, beautiful, and cherished.  Life is like a diamond in this sense.  God granted it to us and valued our lives so much, He gave His son for us.  If you don’t feel like your life is as precious, refer to Romans 5:7-8 or 1 John 3:1.   This may help you gain perspective.

So about the diamond…A diamond is a mineral that is created under extremely high temperatures and pressures in nature.  Isn’t it just like God to create something precious and beautiful through distress?  When diamonds are newly mined, they look like nothing more than a regular piece of glass.  However, after going under the meticulous skill of a seasoned diamond cutter, the gem is transformed.  The diamond cutter will divide the original mined gem into smaller workable pieces.  Then he grinds all the rough edges away forming the diamond into the shape he intends.  Next comes the faceting.  This is actually a cutting process.  This process is so important because this will determine how the diamond reflects light.  If it is cut just right, each facet will maximize its use of light.

This is an amazing analogy to me!  My life has many facets as I’m sure your life does as well.  It is cut that way by the Diamond Cutter, and if we allow Him to do the dividing, the grinding/shaping, and the cutting, we will be able to maximize our reflection of His light.  My prayer is that as my life is cut into the multiple facets that whatever part is on display, it will reflect light.

The facets of my life…

Facet #1:  I am a child of God.  That’s who I am first and foremost.  I am a daughter of the King.  I serve Him and seek to honor and glorify Him in all I say and do.  I will do what He tells me and go where He leads me whatever the cost.  You could say this is the largest and center facet.  Lord, let your light shine through this facet.

Facet #2:  I am a wife and mother.  The love in these roles is immeasurable, and the light shines bright (most of the time).  I want to spend time with my husband and daughter, and I want them to know they are valued.  I will support and love my husband and daughter.  They will be a priority as I have found with a teenage daughter it is critical that we parent together.  Also considering the teen years, it is apparent my daughter needs me more now than ever (even if she doesn’t think so).  God has blessed me with this little family and I will cherish it for the blessing it is.  Lord, let your light shine through this facet.

Facet #3:  I am a sister, cousin and granddaughter.  I am blessed with two sisters and multiple cousins, plus two grandmothers still on this earth.  I will love and support them to the best of my ability making every effort to stay connected with them despite time and distance.  Lord, let your light shine through this facet.

Facet #4:  I am a ministry leader.  This part of my life is significant to Him, so it’s imperative for me.  The relationships I build through ministry are precious and meaningful.  Each opportunity I get to be a sister, mother, friend or counselor is valued.  It is my prayer that these connections honor and glorify God.  I will support my partners in ministry and serve to my best capacity.  I will say no when I need to say no without feeling like a failure or a disappointment.  I will love and support the ladies that the Lord places in my path, but I will keep healthy boundaries that allow a positive relationship to flourish.  Lord, let your light shine through this facet.

Facet #5:  I am a professional.  I have a career that I love.  It’s not the calling on my life, but I do find joy in it and it’s certainly a blessing from the Lord.  Recently, my career advanced and the demands grew.  The day-to-day became more difficult, but I recognize it as a growth opportunity.  I will serve in my career as unto the Lord.  I will do my best and recognize my career for the blessing that it is which affords my family the benefit of financial support and medical coverage.  Lord, let your light shine through this facet.

My life…oh the facets!!!  I have great intentions, but I want to be able to move beyond intentions.  So how do I get to that place?  Well, truthfully, I do not know.  Here’s what I have figured out.  If I put God first and give him the Diamond Cutter role, the rest will fall into place.  That’s my priority…letting God divide, shape, and cut as needed.  Often folks describe my life as busy.  I prefer multifaceted.  Then I can envision life as a precious gem, a diamond reflecting light.

Do you feel busy or overwhelmed?  Is your ‘to-do’ list out of control?  Is it all just too much to unpack?  Ask God to divide, grind/shape and cut your life into facets that will reflect His light.  Embrace the multifaceted life!  While the above facets are representative of my life, I pray my ponderings may help you take inventory of the facets of your life, the reflection of light in your life, and your blessings.

Lord, let my life be something that reflects your light in every facet.  Help me to not be busy, but to be all you created me to be.  May we each be light and hope to the world in the season we find ourselves.  In Jesus’ name!

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deed and glorify your Father in heaven.”   Matthew 5:16 (NIV)

6 thoughts on “My Life…Oh the Facets!

    1. Thanks, Faith! Breaking it all down has really helped me not feel so overwhelmed & it enabled me to see God at work in it all. Enjoy your trip to the beach!


    1. Thank you! As you navigate your journey, I hope you experience peace & hope as you embrace the facets of life. Take some time to slow down & be blessed! 💕


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